Pimms Packs

The Pimms Pack - A must have for for Summer 2021!

This first of a kind Pimms Pack includes: Jug, Cups, Bunting Stirrer, Straws & The Option Of Pimms


Everything you need to party the Summer Days Away!

Pimm's Pack

THE PIMM'S PACK - A Must Have For The Summer! Official Pimm's Pack includes:  1 x Jug | 1.5 Litre 6 x Cups 1 x Bunting | Length 3M With 10 pennants 1 x...


Pimm's Pack + Bottle

THE PIMM'S PACK - A Must Have Gift For Summer!! Official Pimm's Bottle Pack includes:  1 x 70 cl Pimm's No.1 1 x Jug | 1.5 Litre 6 x Cups...